We’ll be your server tonight: A guide to the work we do here

Making a book or even a short piece of correspondence meant for an agent or editor as strong as it can be takes time, elbow grease, and an eye toward perfection. We’ve all read work, self-published or otherwise, that could have benefitted greatly from an editor’s touch. Windlass Editing is dedicated to polishing your work until it shines. To that end, we offer developmental editing, copyediting, and full manuscript critique services. We also critique pitch and query letters. If some of this is Greek to you, see below for an more detailed explanation of what each service entails.

Developmental editing. Don’t sweat the big stuff. We’ll do it for you. If you have issues with plot, characterization, or structure, developmental editing is probably where you want to start. We’ll put our years of writing experience to work for you and your story.

Substantive editing/manuscript critiques. You have a completed draft in hand (perhaps following some developmental editing work) but want an objective editor to line edit the manuscript, as well as evaluate individual scenes, characters, and plot points for effectiveness and flow. This service is recommended particularly to writers still in search of an agent and/or editor for their book.

Copyediting. Perhaps you feel confident that your book or story is sound in the big-picture sense, but you need someone with the right know-how to comb through the manuscript for typos, grammatical errors, and confusing or muddy syntax. We offer this service so that the most creative elements of your work (character development, story arch, dialogue, etc.) do not get lost in translation.

Pitch and query letter critiques. The importance of making the right first impression on a potential agent or editor cannot be overstated. People in the publishing industry and in the fast-paced world of print and Internet journalism are incredibly busy. Lackluster letters that fail to strike the right note often produce radio silence. We’re here to help make sure your pitches and queries do not go ignored but instead end with publication and a paycheck.

Free sample edits. Send us up to 10 pages of your work and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can with line and copy edits of the first three pages and a short letter critiquing the big-picture issues contained in the full document. This is meant to serve as a microcosmic model of the services we provide and to help you decide whether or not Windlass Editing is the right fit for you.